What is Brilliant Move?

Brilliant Move is an on-demand network of the best white glove delivery service providers in the United States which can be leveraged by retailers and consumers for a premium delivery experience of high value goods.

Are my items delivered into the house or curbside?

Brilliant Move only provides white glove delivery service; items are always taken inside your home and are taken to your room of choice. All debris associated with the delivery is removed from the residence. When necessary, the Delivery team will wear clean gloves and foot covers while in the customer’s home.

What area does Brilliant Move cover?

Currently, we cover Boston and surrounding areas. We look forward to expanding our coverage areas in the near future.

How do I pay for my delivery?

All payment and tipping is done within the app using a credit or debit card.

Is tipping mandatory?

Tipping is optional and is at customer’s discretion. Tips can be applied within the app.

Can I ride along with the movers while my item is being transported?

We do not have a license nor insurance coverage for ride sharing; therefore, you cannot ride in the same vehicle as the service providers.

Can a certificate of insurance be provided upon request?

If your property requires a certificate of insurance prior to a delivery being made, please send your inquiry to support@mybrilliantmove.com with at least 2 hours advance notice as well as no later than 3pm EST. If an additional insured is required to be listed, please be sure to include the information of the additional insured and an email address to send the certificate of insurance to.

What happens if my item doesn't fit through the doorway of my home?

If the purchased item cannot fit through the entryway, we can return the item to the point of origin for a fee that is equivalent to the original price of delivery.

What types of trucks are used?

Our professional service providers ONLY utilize a cargo van or large box truck to make all deliveries.

Does pickup and destination have to be within the service area?

Pickup of items must originate within a service area; the destination however can be outside of the service area. The delivery fee will be calculated for you within the app. Fee will be based on mileage from place of origin to final destination.

What happens if the item arrives damaged?

All items go through a rigorous inspection by the delivery crew prior to accepting stewardship of the item(s). If any imperfections are noticed during inspection, you will be contacted prior to the item(s) are loaded onto the van or truck. The crews take all necessary precautions to protect your item(s) during transit by properly padding and securing your belongings.

Do I need to be present at the pickup location?

You are not required to be present at a pickup location. If there are issues finding your order you will be contacted for further instructions.

How much does it cost for a Brilliant Move delivery?

The delivery fee starts at $95 per order of an item going from point of origin to destination within a 20 mile radius. Each additional item added to the order is billed at $25 per item.

I live on the 4th floor and there isn’t an elevator, is there an additional fee?

There is a $25 surcharge per each additional flight of stairs above the 2nd floor.